Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Frisbee is the new Black.

Well my Dad bought me a new toy. I have never seen anything like it. It flies and floats on the air! I will run and chase it down with my sister in tow. She does not know how to pick it up though. She stands on it while she is trying to pick it up. Silly girl! I on the other hand know how to pick it up and run with it. This is our last weekend here in Virgina for awhile so we are making the best of it. It was 90 degrees today so Dad thought it was a good time for a bath. I did not mind the bath today because of the cool water. Both my sister and me are getting better in the bath. I also help clean sister while Dad is working on her. I am after all the BIG LICKER. I lick everything.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am Officially Registered!

Well I finally achieved the official status as a Registered Shar-Pei. I would have been bestowed this stature earlier BUT my Dad lost my original paperwork and we had to do it again. Well today is the day I have my papers. Saffron got hers a few months ago. (because Mom did it and did not loose them)

Today we got to try out our new slickers. It really did not rain in Canada much while we were there because it snowed and snowed. Our Dad snapped some shots of us in our digs and wanted to share them. Saffron did not like getting wet and closed her eyes most of the time (sooo much like a girl). I on the other hand did not care about the water on my face and could have stayed out for a few hours.

Saffron seems to be fine from her surgery. She is acting like the owie does not even hurt and is wanting to play like normal but Dad is keeping us calm so we don't over do it. I am sure he means well but we are puppies and enjoy our rough and tumble play.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Ouch! This Spay thing hurt. I was at the hospital for most of the day. They are nice and all but they can do some strange things. They shaved me. I have never been shaved before and it was a bit scary. I watch dad do it in the mornings but I had no idea.

When it was over I was awoken by my dad. He came in and rescued me. He also took my picture. Doesn't he know not to take a girl's picture until she has time to fix herself. I am a bit embarrassed but I guess it is OK because I am allowed to not look my best in the hospital.

I am at home now trying to understand what an E-Collar is for. Dad is making me wear one and I am having some difficulty. I don't understand why my dad is just watching me. He normally comes to my rescue. I am confused.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Babies First Spring

Well this Spring thing is great. We are out of the Great White North and down in sunny Virginia where it is Spring. My Dad tells me we don't have to worry about the snow for a while. My brother and I still have our winter coats on and will have to be putting them away for the season.

On the weekends we get to look out the front door and windows when our Dad is home. Also when he is home we get to go on these long walks. Brother and I have not been used to these walks for a while (that snow thing) so we are tuckered when we get back. We are just getting used to the shorter daily trots around the neighborhood but these weekend expeditions are a challenge.

We went to see Dr. Jones on Friday and got poked and prodded a bunch. My brother got the worst. He was on the table for a good 15 min. They looked from the front to the back and I mean all the way back. Needless to say he handled the indignity with pride. I have to go back on Thursday for my Girlie procedure. I will have some down time then and will let you know more.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Operation "Spring Wrinkle"

The two wrinkle monsters are planning on invading Northern Virginia. Be on the lookout for two wrinkle factory's running amuck in our local neighborhood. We are expecting them to be quite cute and lovable. Also, if encountered beware of possible licking attack.
Consider yourself warned.